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Hootables... A Community Effort

It’s funny how good things come from bad things

A couple of years ago I was in rough shape with a bad back. Lots of pain. Trying to carry on work. Reduced activity. Mostly, I could manage the pain if I laid on my left side. [I didn’t do this without pain meds]

Couldn’t lay there indefinitely and since I’m a lifelong knitter of big projects, I was a bit frustrated that I couldn’t do my normal knitting projects. However, there’s always a gift.

From Loving New Homes

Hi Donna Douglas, you have our deep respect for what you are doing so willingly and with such zeal. We hope our adoption paperwork is almost complete for McKinley.  Louise and I are anxious to bring her home to meet our other little bird! Let us know what works for you. Cheers! 

Allen & Louise Lloyd

My daughter Leeanna Hearn received the Hootables award this evening at her grade 12 graduation. Thank you very much to Hootables! What a wonderful gift you have given her. No words can express how much we appreciate this amazing generosity!

Sheri Wiedrick

“Ohhhh…she’s beautiful and perfect… and her name is awesome! Also, I don’t know if you recall, but my daughter’s name is Ashleigh… this truly brought tears to my eyes… because Ashleigh and I both love purple. I love Asha… thank you! I can’t wait to hold her!!!”

Heather Wilson

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If you’re interested in having a Hootable Owl of your own, or you want to gift one to someone else, you can check out the latest available owls on the Facebook page.

You can choose your colour. Donna chooses the owl’s name just because she gets attached to them all. The price for an adult owl is $50 and babies are $25 extra. *Babies owls are not made separately* If you’re having the owl mailed, expect to add a bit for economical courier costs, too.

Contact us by phone, email, or fill out our contact form.
For latest news about hootables please follow us on Facebook : facebook.com/hootablesowls 

Every penny raised from the sale of these owls is supporting a young person in post secondary education.

Tel: 705 728 1612
Email: donna@donnadouglas.com