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Oh, Corrie! Welcome to this world. Corrie made her entrance on the evening of May 8, my 66th birthday! Great way to mark the day! She’s 12 inches tall and made of a blend of pure mohair and acrylic yarn. Available for adoption. Very soft.

Corrie was adopted by Richard and Judi Fenton, in honour of their wedding anniversary!

Miranda and Louise

Well, look at this pair… Miranda and Louise… mom and daughter. Miranda (mom) was ‘born’ May 10 and the very next day, wee Louise made her appearance, on Mothers Day!
Aren’t they cute!
And gone to the very happy Jean Leggett, whose birthday is May 10!


Jacylyn, born September 22, 2015. She’s on her way to Vivian Franklin, who lives in Fenelon Falls but is happily moving to Barrie. Jacylyn is totally made from acrylic yarn so can be popped in the washing machine on cool setting. However, she will be much happier if lovingly washed by hand!


Because the wool blend yarn is quite fine, I used much smaller needles so this owl is much more petite. I love her colours, her vibrancy, and she IS a wool blend so if you ever need to wash her, you’ll have to do it gently by hand and then let her air dry. But really pretty and lovely to hold. Meet Lisa, born October 17, 2015. Homeless at this point!


On the eve of Hallowe’en, please meet Matilde! She should be orange, I know, but she’s an incredibly soft, pale pink and mauve, totally acrylic, large owl, who absolutely adores theatre popcorn! Born October 29, she got her wings last night, and here she is… ready to fly off to a new home. Interested?


He was born in February, the 9th, actually, and has waited a long time to be chosen. But he has a new home now, with toddler Charlie, who wears a lot of blue and white, just like Horton! Happiness is a child and his (or her) owl! Thanks to his Grandma Sally for the purchase.